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Jessica joined Live Fit in Novermber and has lost 15 pounds so far! She's been working out with Bridget twice per week and really focusing on eating better. She trys to work out another 2-3 times per week, but admits it doesn't always happen because of her busy schedule. She allows herself to have 1 bad meal per week so that she, "doesn't go insane and drop everything". Taking progress pictures also helps Jessica stay motivated. 

Adult Training Programs

Live Fit adult personal training programs are designed to fit your lifestyle and to get you results. Our certified personal trainers spend time with you to create a fitness program that is uniquely tailored to address your health concerns, your body type and personal fitness goals.

Fitness Training

Your personal trainer works with you to customize your one-on-one personal training program. Each exercise is tailored to get you the best results. You will learn proper exercising techniques and form to safely get the most out of your workout.

Weight Management

Each of our certified trainers and registered nutritionists work with our clients to develop an individualized plan that will help you create a healthier, happier you. We are there to support you with every step on your way to meet your goals.

Senior Fitness

Our Live Fit experienced personal trainers work with older adults to improve balance, get stronger and be able to live life to the fullest. Our specialized nutrition programs meet the needs of our older clients and improve their overall health.

Functional Training

Getting fit helps you meet life’s challenges. Following a personal fitness program designed by a fitness coach will help you handle your everyday chores, yard work and staying active playing the sports that you love.

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