A LiveFit personal trainer can help you start to change your life today. 

Stress, overworking, trying to meet unending obligations often lead to not taking the time to take care of yourself and your body. There is one thing that you can do today that will set your life on track and bring out a healthier you. Hire a personal trainer. Exercise is a stress reducer and a confidence builder that will help you power through your busy life and gain control. A LiveFit personal trainer cares about all of you and is dedicated to helping you get fit, focused and healthy.

Your LiveFit Personal Trainer is on your side

How often do people around you exert negative influence over you? They may tell you all the reasons that something won’t work based on their fears and perception. That is not the business that LiveFit is in. Our personal trainers, nutritionists,and staff members are dedicated to creating a positive experience that encourages success, not failure. We educate our clients and work with them one-on-one to give them the tools, skills and the knowledge they need to meet or exceed their set goals. Your LiveFit personal trainer will be there with you every step of the way


Your LiveFit personal trainer will make sure your workout is custom-fit to get the results you want

Every client is unique with individual needs. A personal trainer can hone your program to meet your expectations. Working out on your own in a public gym with no guidance or accountability will rarely get you the results you want. We customize a personal fitness program that is individualized to get you optimum results. Whether your goal is weight loss, strengthening and toning, training for a sport or to help you recover from an injury we can help. Every LiveFit personal trainer has experience, knowledge and the expertise that is necessary to bring out your potential.

Your LiveFit personal trainer believes in you

Our trainers guide and push you to reach further than you dreamed possible. We do that by holding you accountable and believing in you. We know that you can achieve the results that you want with the right exercises, motivation, sweat and hard work. The structured workout plans we create are designed to challenge you, build your confidence and teach you how to reach for life-changing results. Your LiveFit personal trainer truly cares about all of you, body and mind. Their belief in you, the support they provide guides the entire workout ethic that is paramount to your success.

Your Live Fit personal trainer will be honest, even when it hurts

You can count on a LiveFit personal trainer to be straight with you. Their job is to break down the barriers that are keeping you from being the best you can be. They can’t help you if they are not honest with you. At times that will pull you out of your comfort zone and to reach your potential that is what you will need. To reach any level of success you have to do the hard work to get there. We will tell you the truth and discuss with you how you can reach higher and grow. Our sole purpose is to make you healthier, stronger and build your confidence so that you can meet life’s challenges. We will work to shift your thinking and your belief in yourself and that requires telling you some hard truths along the way.

Your LiveFit personal trainer cares

The reason that your LiveFit personal trainer is part of our team is that they treat every client with respect and they truly care that they receive the best outcome possible. Your successes are their successes. Every session with your trainer is all about you and helping you get fit. When your personal trainer sits down with you to plan your exercise routines, how your progress will be tracked and help you establish your benchmarks of success it will be obvious that they care about you and helping you realize your individual goals. At LiveFit we pride ourselves on the care that we take when we bring team members and we evaluate them to make sure that they are a good fit and share our values. We look for people that not only are knowledgeable but we look for trainers who truly love working with people.

At LiveFit, we are in the business of personal fitness to bring out the very best in you. You will find that when you work closely with a one-on-one with a personal trainer you will become stronger and healthier, your focus and energy will increase and this will all lead to a better you. We will be right there next to you, guiding you on your journey, helping you remove the roadblocks that have kept you from meeting your potential and giving you encouragement and support so that you can live the life you meant to live.

At LiveFit we work with clients from Westlake, Avon, North Olmstead, Rocky River, Parma, North Ridgeville, Middleburg Heights. Cleveland and surrounding areas.

Pick up the phone and schedule a consultation today, it’s time to get to work!

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