1. Like most, you are busy all day every day.

Does it feel like from the moment you wake up until the time you close your eyes at night that there just isn’t a moment to spare? Life can be crazy, we understand. Our trainers will work to create a schedule that helps you meet your health and wellness goals. We know the value of your time, let us help you get the results you want in time for Summer.

2. No one person is the same, so why should workout plans be the same? We break the cookie-cutter tradition.

Everyone has different fitness needs at different times in their lives. At any given time, our energy levels vary, our strengths and weaknesses change, and fitness goals change. This is where the specialized attention of our personal trainers come in. We design exercise plans that are tailored to your goals. We also take the time to learn about you and your life.

3. You find it hard to stay accountable without support.

It’s a fact of life – meeting your goals can be challenging without a plan. When you combine a clear idea of your goals and expectations with personal trainer that’s dedicated to creating a workout plan specific to you, who takes your progress seriously, and will also get to know you as a person, you have a recipe for success! Results are measured so that you and your trainer can see how your program is working and where tweaks can be made. Our goal is hard work, so be prepared to be pushed out of your comfort zone and break a good sweat!

4. You don’t like the atmosphere that comes with big public gyms. Most don’t.

Live Fit offers a private studio that allows for a comfortable environment and one-on-one training. We are here to provide the best experience possible. Our equipment is top-of-the-line and our trainers utilize a wide range of exercises to keep your body guessing.

5. You have specific nutrition goals.

With all the misinformation out there today, it can be frustrating to even figure our where to start. We can provide you with the tools necessary to create your own meal plan while also helping you understand what your body needs to stay healthy and sustain the results you work so hard for. With a full-time Registered Dietitian on staff, we also offer nutrition counseling to help you with all your nutrition needs.

6. You’re unsure how to start an exercise program.

In any gym, you will notice right away who is new to exercising. We all must start somewhere. Our trainers are here to help take the guesswork out of exercise. We will guide you through different exercises emphasizing proper form while making sure to avoid putting too much stress on your body. We are here to share our knowledge and help you get optimal results. We are here for one thing, you.

7. You want to be the best you can be – there is no time to waste.

We all want to be our best selves and feel like we are meeting our potential. Do you feel like you don’t have the energy, mentally and physically to make it through difficult days? Do you want to feel pride when you look in the mirror? If so, you need to call and schedule a free consultation with a Live Fit personal trainer today!

There are no excuses. Let us help you through this journey. Your new confidence and energy will open pathways to success in life that you never thought were possible. The feeling is powerful.

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