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Hey Bay Village residents! Are you out of shape? When is the last time you took the stairs? Do you struggle with activities of daily living? Are you often out of breath after activities that you once thought were effort less. You’re not alone, as our bodies age we typically see a decline in our functional capacity. Combat the effects of natural aging and reclaim your youth. Regular physical activity has been shown to enhance things such as aerobic capacity, balance, strength, bone density, and endurance. What better way to combat aging than too get physically active? Our certified personal trainers are ready to help you get back to your youthful self. Live Fit has certified personal trainers who are highly qualified, and able to work around most injuries or pains you have. Our client centered approach helps our personal trainers identify your strengths and weaknesses, and then creates a completely customized workout catered to your exact needs


Personal Training Programs in Bay Village


Are you a Bay Village Resident looking for Personal Training? Located in West Lake Live Fit Personal Training + Nutrition is home of some of Greater Cleveland’s own certified personal trainers. If you are struggling to lose weight, looking to tone up, build muscle, or become more balanced we have a personal trainer looking to help you reach your goals. For those of you who have never experienced a workout with a personal trainer, you may be skeptical; if that’s the case check out our client testimonials; and see why our clients continue to come back after reaching their health and fitness milestones. At Live Fit we build working relationships with our clients, and help them by catering workouts to their specific abilities and lifestyle goals. Our trainers work with clients of all shapes and sizes, young and older adults, competitive athletes and regular folks alike. This diversity has allowed Live Fit’s personal trainers to become experienced with any client that walks through our door. Schedule your complementary consultation today, and see exactly what we are talking about.


Change Your Workout, Change Your Life.

Over time it becomes common that we fall into a routine, and aimlessly go about our workouts; losing sight of the bigger picture. The goals we had of slimming down have once become a thing of the past, and we may even pick up on some bad habits. Our personal trainers are here to set you straight and get you back in the swing of things. Contact us and see what a personal trainer can do for your boring workout routine. One of our overarching goals at live fit is that we strive to make gradual changes in our clients that lead to sustainable lifelong habits; as well as giving our clients the tools they need to make and sustain changes. Come and see for yourself!

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