Looking for a Chiropractor in Westlake, Ohio?

         The Drugless Doctors are a group of chiropractors, natural health doctors and naturopaths that work on getting people healthy through chiropractic and nutrition!

Where are they located?
  • The Drugless Doctors have been across from Crocker Park in Westlake, Ohio since 2013, but have been helping people in the community since 1978.

What services do they offer?
  • They offer chiropractic evaluations, which are then used to create a customized program to help improve function. They also offer nutrition services through a variety of nutritional tests to help create and outline a specific routine to improve function. In addition, they offer Breast Thermography; a noninvasive functional test to help change the chances or risks of developing breast cancer by creating proactive strategies to help improve function. 

Who do they work with?
  • They work with babies, to kids of all ages and all the way through the geriatric population, with a variety of conditions from colic, ADHD, female hormones, energy loss, headaches, sports injury and infertility. The ideal person is looking to get healthy without drugs or surgery.

How can you make an appointment?
  • The easiest way to see how they can help, is to call an schedule an appointment at 440-471-4200. You can find more information on their website at: 

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Looking for a Chiropractor in Westlake, Ohio?

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