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Healthy Eating Quick Tip


Balance and moderation: Eat in moderation, control the size of your portion and give yourself time to digest, this will allow your body to register that you are becoming full. Incorporate foods from all the food groups, variety is the spice of life.

Limit sugars and refined grains: Added sugars have no nutritional value and are considered empty calories, focus on whole foods to maximize your nutrient intake. Refined grains are processed in a way that strips them of nutritional value, choose whole grains to ensure you are getting a boost of vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Eat Your Fiber: Research has shown that people who get the recommended daily value of fiber are more likely to have healthier body weights. Including fiber at each meal will help you feel full longer.

Drink plenty of water:  Drinking water in place of a sugar sweetened beverage can save you empty calories. Often when we are thirsty our body may think that it’s actually hungry, drinking water can dismiss these hunger cues.

Read nutrition labels: Nutrition labels are often not looked at or briefly glanced over. Not all calories are created equal, focus on quality instead of quantity.  For example, look for healthy fats mono/poly-unsaturated instead of total fat.

Eat Regularly: Eating breakfast consistently each morning has been shown to be beneficial. Eating regularly throughout the day has been shown to keep hunger at bay, and keep you from gorging when your hunger does strike.

Live Fit has its very own liscensed Dietitian, here to provide you with the most up to date; evidenced based nutrtion advice.

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Healthy Eating Quick Tips

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