Tips for Healthy Grocery Shopping

Having trouble figuring out what to eat to be healthier? Here are a few tips to help you make good choices when grocery shopping!

Make a list

A good way to help make sure you are only buying what you need is to go to the store with a prepared list.  This will help aim your focus only on the foods you need, so you won’t get distracted while shopping. Looking up recipes and writing down the needed ingredients will help you plan meals for the week and stick to your list.

Shop Around the Perimeter

Stick to the perimeter of the grocery store as much as possible.  This is where fresh produce, fresh meats, seafood, eggs and dairy are located.  These types of foods give us essential nutrients our bodies need. The middle aisles are where you’ll find all the processed foods with added sugar, fat, etc.  These are the “empty calorie” the kinds of foods. In other words, they are high in calories, don’t provide us with healthy nutrition, and may cause weight gain.  

Buy Local

It is officially farmers market season! This is the perfect time to shop at a farmer’s market to support local farmers for a good cost.  Local produce may be healthier as they often retain more nutrients.  Buying directly from the farmer who grew or made the food helps you get a better idea of what exactly you are putting into your body.  They are not highly processed foods, they are healthful foods for a reasonable cost!

Don’t go shopping hungry

Going to the grocery store hungry can lead to impulsive food choices.  You are more likely to buy foods that look good just because you are hungry.  This goes hand in hand with coming prepared with a list of foods to stay focused on what you went for.

Buy in bulk

Buying food in bulk can encourage you to meal prep! Meal prepping makes it easier to make healthy choices throughout your busy week. You can also utilize any sales the store has going on to get a good deal for foods in bulk.

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Tips for Healthy Grocery Shopping

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