Healthy Choices You Can Maintain for a Lifetime

Your Daily Plate Goals

 Fruit = ½ your plate, along with vegetables

§  Focus on whole fruits, they can be fresh, frozen, dried or canned in 100% juice

§  Eating fruit with your meal, as a snack or even dessert!

  Vegetables = ½ your plate, along with fruit

§  Vary your veggies!

§  Choosing fresh, frozen or canned are good options

§  Adding vegetables to salads and main dishes are an easy way to incorporate veggies

§  Prepping veggies in a healthy way are: steamed, sautĂ©ed, roasted or raw

Grains = ¼ your plate

§  Make half your grains whole grains

§  On the ingredients list look for whole grains as the first or second ingredient

§  Enjoy eating oatmeal, popcorn, whole grain bread/pasta and brown rice

§  Try to limit grain desserts/snacks such as cakes, cookies and pastries

Protein = ¼ your plate

§  Mix up your protein

§  Try eating seafood such as salmon and tuna 3 times a week

§  Include beans, peas and soy products as part of your main dishes

§  Unsalted nuts and seeds are a great snack

§  Choose eggs and lean meat/poultry as meat dishes

 Dairy = 3 cups per day

§  Choose low fat or fat free dairy options to cut back on saturated fat intake

§  Yogurt, milk, cheese and soy beverages


§  Try to drink and eat less sodium

§  Consume <10 grams of saturated fat per day

§  Stay away from added sugar such as pop

·  natural sugar in fruits is not an added sugar

§  Choosing vegetable oils (olive oil) instead of butter, this doesn’t include the tropical oils such as coconut oil

§  Drink more water and less sugary drinks including fruit juice, pop and sports drinks

Start with small changes to be able to maintain these changes you are making.

 Exercise for 30-60 minutes a day to receive health benefits. 
If you need more assistance, LiveFit personal trainers are able to help you take a step in the right direction.


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Healthy Choices You Can Maintain for a Lifetime

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