Holiday Weight Loss Tips

Holiday Weight Loss TipsSmall, simple changes to get you through the holidays with your waist line intact

  1. Think when you drink. Holiday cocktails can be packed with calories-A cup of eggnog typically has 250 calories, 7 grams ofsaturatedfat, and 20grams of refined sugar. There are much smarter choices- a glass of red wine has about 125 calories, 0 grams of fat, and is packed with antioxidants. Save you waistline and your arteries!
  2. Drown your booze.Drink of glass of water between cocktails. This strategy will reduce total calories as well as keep you hydrated and ready to be active through the holiday season. Water also makes you feel fuller and discourages that second piece of pie.
  3. Tiny plate, tiny waist.Its a proven fact, people eat less calories off a smaller plate. Grab the smallest plate available at your next holiday party and fill half the plate with fruits and veggies. The fiber will keep you feeling full and you'll be less tempted to wander over to the desert table. Put small portions of your unhealthy favorites on the other half of the plate and enjoy them in moderation.
  4. B.Y.O.H.D. (Bring your own healthy dish)- Not only is it polite to bring a dish, but you'll guarantee there will be at least one healthy option at the party.
  5. Be the cool relative-The holidays are very much about the kids, so be the fun aunt, uncle, etc. that does something with the kids. Take them sledding, out for a walk, or even play games with them in the living room.They'll really appreciate the fun and you'll burn some calories while bonding with the kids.
Above all have a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season from all of us at Live Fit! Live Fit Logo

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Holiday Weight Loss Tips

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