Everyone has a different rate of metabolism.  This is why “a one diet fits all” statement is hard to use.  People with a higher metabolism, leaner muscle and more physically active are able to eat more food and maintain their weight than an individual who doesn’t have or does these key factors.  Many of us with lower metabolism want to blame our weight problem on this metabolic issue but there are many ways to support your metabolism and maintain a healthy weight.


What is metabolism?

Metabolism is the process by which our bodies convert what we eat into the energy we need to survive and function. Your metabolism is based on how much energy your body needs to complete its daily functions from breathing to blinking. 


These factors naturally affect your metabolism:


          As you age, your muscle mass decreases which cause your metabolism to slow down. 

    Body Size & Body Composition.

         The more muscle mass you have, the more calories you burn on a daily basis, causing your metabolism to be higher.


         Men generally have more muscle mass than a woman. These muscles burn more calories, causing an increasing your metabolism.


         Your genetics have a role in your metabolism and this is something that isn’t controlled but can be managed by a healthy lifestyle.

With these naturally occurring factors determining your metabolic rate, this doesn’t mean you can’t boost your metabolism on your own!

These tips will help give your metabolism the boost it needs:


    Regular physical activity is known to increase your metabolism. Why?  This is due to more movement your body does the more fuel/calories it needs to do these movements. 

    Increase muscle mass is also very beneficial to spiking your metabolism. The more muscle you have the more energy your body needs to maintain these muscles during exercise and even at rest.  Strength training can increase your muscle mass and here at Live Fit Personal Training, we can help you achieve this goal.



    Some of us have read that if you consume green tea and chili peppers your metabolism will get a boost.  Well, there is no magic food to cause this but some studies have shown that these cause a small temporary boost.  However, this will not allow you to eat more calories throughout the day.

    Eat enough calories and not skipping meals is important to maintain a constant metabolic rate. Many dieters eat less than their basic needs or skip meals in hope to lose weight. This is only slowing your metabolism down to save energy in the body. 

    Everyone has heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well breakfast will jump starts your metabolism and will give you energy that you need to start your day.

    Eating smaller frequent meals will help keep your metabolism at its peak.  These meals should consist of a well-balanced plate by providing protein, healthy carbs, fruits and veggies along with healthy fats.

    Late night snacking doesn’t impact your metabolism but what these late-night snack choices are do impact your health and weight gain.  If you are eating a high caloric snack at 9 pm the time doesn’t cause the weight gain it is the snack choice that does.  So, keep this in mind when you are looking for a snack at any time of the day!

    Including protein at each meal is important to maintain your lean muscle mass. Example to include: lean meats such as poultry, low-fat yogurt, or a handful of nuts.

    Drinking at least 8 glasses of water each day is great for keeping your body hydrated and keeping your bodily functions at their best.  When drinking a glass before a meal can help you not be as hungry.

    Reducing alcohol is not only great for your metabolism but also great for your overall health.

    Consuming omega-3 fatty acids, found in fish, hikes up your metabolism. Omega 3 also help balance your blood sugar levels and reduce inflammation.

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