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Personalized Workout plans

Fed up with your current workout routine? Tired of doing the same exercises week after week? Our North Ridgeville personal trainers have a solution for you. Our certified personal trainers are highly qualified to create you a customized workout plan that will ensure that there's never a dull while you’re at the gym. Many people slip into the routine of everyday life and lose sight of the big picture, don't let your workouts suffer the same fate. Renew your passion for health and wellness again and start today with a complementary consultation, a 199$ value.

Comprehensive Approach to Health and Wellness

At Live Fit we take a comprehensive approach to health and wellness with our clients. We meet with clients on a one on one basis, to get a feel for what they want out of their experience at Live Fit.  Live Fits personal trainers take a client centered approach to your workout structure; so they are able to focus on providing an experience that feels just right for you. As a client at Live Fit we highly value our clients and their support, and in exchange; our aim is to provide them with as much value as we can. Our clients benefit from a comprehensive health continuum when they work with us, we provide nutrition consultations and advice, as well as evidence based health and wellness tips, to ensure that their receiving support on their journey to their best self.  We take pride in in offering custom health plans that stress making gradual, sustainable changes that not only help clients meet their goals, but help clients lead healthier, more active lives. Come see for yourself how our clients continually reach their health milestones with the help of our Cleveland personal trainers.



Private Studio Just for You

Do you hate waiting around for a machine at the gym? Can you even be sure the other gym goers have cleaned their equipment? Live Fit is a small private 2000 square foot facility. Live fit provides a fun, friendly and supportive environment. In an effort to provide our clients with a perfect environment for training. All of our members come by appointment and are all trained individually by their trainer. Avoid the crowds and hassles at the conventional gym, and see what one of our very own North Ridgeville personal trainers can do for you.

Live Fits Private Studio

Give us a Call our phone is 440-250-9988

Feel free to shoot an email to info@livefitPT for more information about one on one personal training.

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