The trainers at Live Fit can help you get fit and healthy!

We know getting healthy is not easy, especially if you’ve tried before without much success and are on your own.  Our one-on-one personal training is designed to give you the tools and support needed to win the day and be a better you.

Expectations – the game that needs changing

By changing our expectations of ourselves we learn what our true motivations are. When you look at yourself you see all the imperfections and faults. We see who you can be through determination, hard work, and lots of sweat. We know that by providing you the best tools you will see the “you” that we see. You are joining our team, and its ever growing! Our trainers will provide you with the skills and support needed to push through the workouts, while our in-house Registered Dietitian can teach you how to fuel your body in the best way possible to attain your goals. We have designed a program that will set you up for success.

Taking it to the next level

Whether you are training for a specific event or looking to tone and strengthen your body, each exercise regimen is tailored to your specific body type, level of fitness, and goals. We will show you how your mind and body can work together to achieve optimal success.

Have you suffered an injury and trying to return to your fit self? We can help with that! We measure, evaluate, and keep you accountable as we work towards your goals. 

You will be surprised

Whatever initially motivated you to consider working with a personal trainer, you will be surprised by many of the added benefits that come along with becoming healthier. For example, your initial motivation to work with a personal trainer could be to lose weight. We can certainly help with that, but many clients find that as the weight comes off, they are now motivated to push themselves further than they thought possible. Motivations may shift towards getting stronger and gaining more confidence which leads to an overall higher quality of life. Whatever motivates you, we are here to help you.

Showing up

Many people ask, “what is the key to becoming healthier?” It’s simple, show up. Show up everyday with a positive attitude, determination to reach goals, and the willingness to work hard. We understand not every day is perfect, show up anyways and we will do everything possible to motivate you. It’s much more difficult to do this on your own. You may have spent time in the past trying to get the results you want but you ended up wasting a lot of time and not getting the sustained results you desired. We will teach you the right way to treat your body and get you where you want to be.

We take pride in our service

Live Fit Personal Training + Nutrition earned the respected 2017 Angie’s List Super Service Award. This award reflects a company’s consistently high level of customer service and exceptional client reviews. 

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