Personal Training minutes from Bay Village

Losing weight is hard, but Live Fit Personal Training + Nutrition can help! Don't wait any longer to make some lifestyle changes!  This private gym located on Center Ridge Road is easily accessible from Bay Village. Here at Live Fit we provide high caliber Personal Training and nutrition counseling for all walks of life.Whether you are looking to lose weight, get in shape, tone up some areas, or just add some movement into your life, we have a personal trainer to fit your exact goals. Live Fit employess several certified personal trainers that specialize in a vareity of areas to accomadate a large population from all ages and body types. Live Fit also has a Registered Dietitian on staff to meet all of your nutrition needs and help you reach your desired body quicker and in a safe, enjoayable way. The combination of these two services are not often found at one gym, which makes Live Fit unique.  This combo allows clients to achieve their weight loss goals quickly and safely.

Before and After of Everett after working out at Live Fit

Once you walk into Live Fit you will not want to leave. The staff and other clients provide a supportive enviroment that is fun and friendly. Certified personal trainers also motivate you to work out and strive to be your best, while keeping you accountable every step of the way! Start and succeed in your weight loss journey today by scheduling a consultation with Live Fits team today. We offer a vareity of packages depending on your commitment level. We encourage you to come in today and check us out!

Call Today (440)250-9988  Or Click Here to Request More Information or Set Up Your Complimentary Consultation.

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Personal Training minutes from Bay Village

Live Fit

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