8 Reasons Why Live Fit Personal Training + Nutrition Provides More Effective Training

1) Private studios are more comfortable:

                No need to feel intimidated when learning how to work out – learning how to work out and use machines is difficult and takes time to learn. It can be frustrating. Clients feel more comfortable in a judgement-free, private studio.  The only attention they are getting is FULL attention from their personal trainer.  Personal training is meant to be personal, for positive results.


2) Large variety of equipment:

                At Live Fit Personal Training + Nutrition, we have a variety of equipment: bands, kettle bells, dumbbells, exercise balls, cardio machines, TRX straps, and more! With our personal training, you can gain confidence and learn how to do these exercises with equipment at home.

3) Our Personal Trainers make customized workout plans just for YOU:

                With a free consultation, you can meet with a personal trainer to discuss your desired goals. We will match you up with a personal trainer we feel compliments your personality, availability, and motivation to help you achieve your goals. We are here because we genuinely love helping people. We are here for you!

4) We help clients of all ages:

                We have helped clients between the ages of 11-85 years old. With a variety in age, there is a variety in goals.  Some clients may want to increase their fitness level, and improve strength and endurance for sports, some try to lose weight, get stronger, or increase their flexibility and mobility to live their life better.

5) We have competitive prices

                One of the first questions you probably are wondering as you are researching for personal trainers is “how much will this cost?”.  With our competitive, affordable prices, we can guarantee our training sessions will be worth your money.  Not to mention, we are a private studio therefore, we DO NOT require a membership fee.

6) Our clients come to Live Fit Personal Training + Nutrition from suburbs all around Cleveland

                Here are a few success stories:

Bill, from North Olmsted: “When I started coming to Live Fit I weighed 270 pounds and had a 42-inch waist. My diabetes was out of control and I needed to do something about it. After working out with my personal trainer, I lost 17 pounds and now have a 38-inch waist. My diabetes is well-controlled with an A1C of 5.8 and only taking half my daily dose of medication. I feel better mentally and physically. My self-confidence is boosted, and my motivation has increased!”

Michelle, from North Ridgeville: Michelle came to Live Fit at 175 pounds and wearing a size 14. Michelle has been working hard with Mark for the past few years and from the moment she walked in the door, she has had nothing but success. Prior to coming in, Michelle suffered from knee injuries that inhibited her from doing exercise. “Mark was great with my injuries by listening to what hurts my body and creating workouts that are effective, but also working around my injury”. Michelle has lost over 30 pounds and has dropped many sizes.

Marty, from Avon: “I have to thank Live Fit for getting me this far in just one year, down 69 lbs. If it wasn’t for the constant pushing, motivation and positive reinforcement I don’t think I would be where I am today, only 21 lbs away from my goal. If anyone doubts what they can accomplish, just re-read this testimonial and put your trust in the Live Fit crew, they will work with you and get you to your goals by challenging you and at the same time making sure that you’re doing it right!”

Check out our “Success Stories” page to read about more successful clients!

7) We have a variety of Personal Trainers:

                We have a handful of personal trainers with a variety of backgrounds, specialties, and interests.  Our trainers can use our adaptable equipment to teach you how to work out comfortably and confidently.  During your first free consultation, we can match you up with one of our trainers that can help you reach success.

Check out our “Meet our Staff” page for specific biographies!

8) We have a Registered Dietitian

                Healthy weight loss and maintenance does not just come from exercise – but nutrition too. We have a full time Registered Dietitian on staff to help you with customized meal plans.

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