Why Choose a Live Fit Trainer?

Live Fit Personal Training + Nutrition

Live Fit serves the communities of: Westlake, Bay Village, Rocky River, Cleveland, Lakewood, North Ridgeville, North Olmsted, Avon and Avon Lake.

One on One personal training| Private studio| Personalized Nutrition Plan

Michelle from North Ridgeville doing Bosu pushups with her trainer Heidi
Michelle from North Ridgeville doing Bosu pushups with her trainer Heidi

Why Choose Live Fit?

  1. Private Studio:Live Fit is a small, private studio where at most, one or two other people will be working out with their trainer. That means no crowds, uncomfortable stares, or waiting for equipment. 
  2. One on one training:Your trainer is there with you every step of the way, whether it be for spotting, form, or encouragement. Trainers are there to monitor and track progress, while continuing to update personal goals to assure we achieve the results desired.
  3. Custom nutrition plan: A full time Registered Dietitian is always available at your convenience to assemble customized meal plans and develop personal nutrition counseling sessions based solely upon personal needs and desires. 
  4. Live Fit is highly awarded! From the facility to the trainers themselves, LiveFit has been highly rated across the entire Greater Cleveland area for many years running. 
    Live Fit has won multiple awards and we offer a golden buckeye discount. 
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We help people of all ages and ability levels get in better shape and live a healthier life. Whether it be for weight loss, muscle gain, recovery, etc., the well experienced and versatile staff knows how to specifically customize plans and sessions to directly cater to your current and future state. 

Live Fit Gets Results: See how Live Fit has helped your neighbors achieve incredible results and reach their goals by checking out our success stories.

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Why Choose a Live Fit Trainer?

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