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Michelle came to Live Fit shortly after moving to Cleveland from Indiana. She was 175 pounds and wearing a size 14. As she began adjusting to a new city, Michelle started to neglect her own health and overall well-being. She would do great during the week working out and eating healthy, but then the weekend would come and she found herself not making the best decisions regarding her diet and exercise.

This was the turning point. Michelle wanted to make a change to stop the weight gain. She searched for personal trainers in the area and quickly found Mark here at Live Fit. Michelle has been working hard with Mark for the past few years and from the moment she walked in the door, she has had nothing but success.

Prior to coming to Live Fit, Michelle suffered some knee injuries that inhibited her from doing exercises such as running or lunges. "Mark was great with my injuries by listening to what hurts her body and creating workouts that are effective, but also working around her injury."

The atmosphere here at Live Fit was another great feature that helped Mich reach her goals. She stated that she never felt pressured or judged when working out here, which made her feel comfortable and continually come back.

She loved that you will see all different ages and abilities at Live Fit because our sessions are customized to meet your goals. Michelle has also met many great people that working towards a healthier and happier life at Live Fit and has developed many great friendships!

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Michelle from North Ridgeville lost 30 pounds!

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