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Mike lost 120 pounds in one year!

“It all started in early 2012 when I was denied coverage for supplemental life insurance based on my BMI and poor biometric screening results. I was injured at the time and couldn’t work out so I contacted Mark to talk about my diet. We started with simple diet changes. Fruits, vegetables and lean white meats have replaced pizza, red meat and fast food. Whole grains, granola and oatmeal have replaced white breads and other simple carbohydrates. I also tracked my diet using an app on my smart phone, which added another layer of accountability. It was a great tool that helped Mark and I gain insights into how I could improve my nutrition.

As I got healthier I started slow by taking my dogs for walks through the neighborhood. Over time, I was able to start jogging on the treadmill and eventually going to Live Fit for weight training and cardio routines. Now that I’ve lost the weight I’m working hard with Mark and Tom to pack on some lean muscle.

From these changes I have seen my blood pressure drop from 145/90 to 110/70, my cholesterol decrease from 219 to 137, my triglycerides reduce from 241 to 81 and my BMI improve from 42.5 to 26.5. And, even with the long, gray, cold Ohio winter, and the temptations throughout the holidays, I have sustained the weight loss, and even more importantly, the discipline to make the right choices and monitor my status and progress each day. Here’s to being healthy!”

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Mike lost over 90 pounds working with his Live Fit Personal Trainer.

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