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"Victoria started training with Heidi at Live Fit just over a year ago. She came in last summer wanting to make a change & get into a good routine before heading back to school in Pittsburgh. She jumped in full force & never looked back. She’s been consistently training 3-5 times per week, whether that has been at Live Fit (coming back on weekends, holidays & summer break) or on her own with programmed workouts from Heidi while school was in session. She’s also been putting in major efforts with her nutrition & overall lifestyle habits. She has stayed committed throughout a stressful school year & an injury that kept her from the gym for several months. She’s been able to travel & enjoy life, all while still keeping her goals in mind. And as you can see, it’s paid off.

Victoria is down 52 lbs as of last week & is still working hard each day to keep chasing her best self yet!"
Thank you Live Fit!

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Victoria is down 52 lbs with her Personal Trainer.

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