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Meet Jonah. Jonah has gained 15 pounds of muscle over the last few months. He has achieved 11% body fat and has a lot more energy to get through his busy days at school. Jonah reports feeling stronger, more confident and having more endurance. Jonah lifts weights three times per week with his trainer Mark and has really worked hard to eat better foods to help him build muscle. 

At LiveFit we work with clients from Westlake, Avon, North Olmstead, Rocky River, Parma, North Ridgeville, Middleburg Heights. Cleveland and surrounding areas.

Youth Training Programs

Live Fit personal fitness trainers are qualified to work with younger clients to help them get healthy and build confidence. At Live Fit, we understand the unique nutritional and fitness needs that help kids with their overall fitness and improved sports performance.

Fitness Training

Each program is developed to educate our young clients on how to properly and safely exercise with the hands, encouragement and supervision of an experienced personal trainer.

Sports Conditioning

Live Fit helps give kids the edge they need to succeed at sports. Our Live Fit programs build stronger, faster and more agile kids. Each fitness and nutrition program is customized to meet specific athletic goals.

Weight Management

One-on-one involvement with a Live Fit trainer and dietitian helps to build healthy habits that will last a lifetime. We develop your fitness plan based on specific exercises, as well as teach proper form and techniques that will get results.

Functional Training

Live Fit’s youth fitness programs give your child or young adult the skills and motivation that they need every day to be strong, stay active and build confidence that leads to success.

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